Saturday, January 25, 2014

WHI-Hire Certified Installer

A little known fact is that the manufacturers of tankless water heaters may void your warranty if your tankless unit is not installed by a professional certified tankless water heater installer. Simply hiring a plumber may put your warranty at risk. Tankless units must be installed with proper venting and proper gas line sizing. Failing to do so can cause gas leaks and in an extreme case a possible explosion. Venting is important to make sure that excess moisture is sent outside the home to prevent condensation and mold problems. Humble Plumbers
Certified installers have gone through specialized training specifically tailored to each brand of tankless water heaters. A gas powered tankless model is about the size of a suitcase and the electric powered unit is only about the size of a briefcase. The installation of these units are not designed for an untrained person and should only be done by a licensed and certified tankless installer.

This is due to several key factors. First of all for the units which are powered by gas, this type of installation should never be done by an untrained person. Gas is combustible and improper installation can create an explosion with the real possibility of injury or death. If your gas line is too large or small it can cause leaks. In addition exhaust from the gas fired unit must be installed properly so that no fumes are released into your home.

Even an electric powered unit should be installed by a licensed installer. They are best trained to understand the proper power requirements for this type of unit and ensure that the proper wiring is used and connected to a properly sized breaker. The proper connection of power is critical for safe operation of the unit.

A properly trained and certified tankless installer also understands how to best install the unit in a safe and secure location. They know how to route and safely install the water supply and feed lines to and from the water heater to provide for optimum safety, reliability and performance. Certified installers have to take courses from the individual manufacturers before they are allowed to work on tankless units. They are trained by the experts to properly work with and handle a tankless water heater. Regular plumbers are not required to pass tests or undergo hands on training by the manufacturers. This leads to improper installs and many problems down the road with your unit.

Tankless models are designed to provide you with outstanding and energy efficient results. Make certain they do so by having it installed by a properly trained and certified tankless water heater installer. It is well worth the time and effort to locate a qualified installer.

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